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Indigenous First Roots Program

Webequie FN traditional teacher Bill Jacob said, “Our youth need to learn how to turn to traditional and other positive support systems like DAREarts to take care of themselves during times of stress.” DAREarts empowers Indigenous youth to combat life challenges as leaders, including staying in school.

DAREarts Indigenous First Roots Program started in Ontario with Webequie FN in 2007. Now, the program has taken root in Webequie FN, Marten Falls FN, Attawapiskat FN, Mississaugas of the New Credit FN in Ontario, Sipekne’katik FN in Nova Scotia, and Tuktoyaktuk in NWT.

In 2016, DAREarts was invited to return to Attawapiskat to help their youth's voices be heard. Over two weeks, the youths worked with DAREarts artist-educators to write and perform their own song & video. Please share and help them be heard:

DAREarts Attawapiskat 2016:
In the face of suicide crisis, Attawapiskat youth find common voice in art: CBC News
Attawapiskat Youth are Ready to Show Canada Their Strength: Huffington Post Blog

DAREarts Webequie 2016:
First Nations Youth and DAREarts Connect Hockey and the Arts: CBC Interview

Youths' Videos, Songs and Stories:

Webequie FN:
"Mashkwe Seewin Maa Moe (Stronger Together)" - song & lyrics
"We Are One" - music video
"Spirit of the North" - music video
"Spirit of the North" - song lyrics
"Don't Stop" - music video
"Agidamo and Jenna" - short drama video
"Fill My Hollow Bones"
- full documentary video

Marten Falls FN:
"Makwa Obwoo Momun (Bear Berries)" - song & lyrics
"The Land Speaks" - spoken word and video
"Swimming in a Fast Current" - song and video

Sioux Lookout:
"Zero to Hero" - short drama

Attawapiskat FN:
"Muskego Land" - song and video
"Walking for Peace" - song and video

Sipekn'ekatik FN, Nova Scotia:
"4Directions, 1Circle" - spoken word and puppetry
"Melkikno'ti (Courage)"
- song and video

New Credit FN:
"Four Legends" - short drama video

Tuktoyaktuk, NT:
"Nation's Creations" - soundscape video



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DAREarts helped me see myself proud, see myself strong.