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National Advisory Council

The DAREarts National Community Advisory Council assists DAREarts to fulfill its mission and objectives and, in doing so, represent the diversity of the community as well as geographic considerations.

The DAREarts National Community Advisory Council:

  • Provides feedback and advice on specific operational or strategic plans/initiatives
  • Provides a forum for DAREarts to share information on operational or strategic plans/initiatives with community representatives
  • Assists DAREarts in identifying needs and resources in its communities
  • Acts as an educational resource to both DAREarts and the communities it serves
  • Develops partnerships with levels of government, businesses, community organizations and individuals

In order to ensure a balanced and broad representation, the Council Members are drawn from a wide range of communities which interact directly or indirectly with DAREarts, including but not limited to: District School Boards, School Teachers, Artists from a cross-section of artistic fields, Educational Directors & Managers of Theatre Groups, Arts and Cultural Institutions, Educational Councillors, Leaders of First Nation Communities, Parents of DAREarts students.

2015 National Advisory Council Members

Chair: Annie Appleby — Central Superintendent for Student Success, Toronto District School Board, Toronto

Wayne Baguley — Past Chair, Headwaters Arts, Headwaters

Justin Borsato — Teacher, Britannia School, Vancouver

Mary Gardiner — Principal, Simon Jacob Memorial Education Centre, Webequie First Nation

Gayle Gibson — Education Department, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

May Hughes — DAREarts parent and public health nurse, Toronto

Morley Googoo — Regional Chief, Wagmatcook, NS

Ennis Jacob — Education Director, Webequie Education Authority, Webequie First Nation

Marilyn Lajeunesse — Head of Education Dept., Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal

Marilyn Logan — General Manager, Theatre Orangeville, Orangeville

Sheryl McCorrister — Principal, Southeast Collegiate, Winnipeg

Shelley MacDonald — Aboriginal Artist-Educator, Vancouver

Tom Moonias — Education Councillor, Marten Falls First Nation

Wayne Potts — Vice Principal, J.R. Nakogee School, Attawapiskat

Alan Syliboy — First Nations Artist, Nova Scotia

Michael Topshee — Principal, Riverside Education Centre, Milford, NS


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