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Summer Camps

Each Summer, DAREarts invites our Toronto high school-aged grads to join artist-educators and teachers for drama activities that build on teamwork, knowledge, positivity, and exposure to new arts and cultural opportunities.

Read about our 2013 Drama Camp: The Weight of Mercy: DAREarts & The Merchant of Venice

DAREarts Lead Teacher Laura MacKinnon comments on the 2013 Drama Camp:

“The students who participated in last year’s drama and financial literacy camp were presented with unique challenges – to perform an adapted version of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in five days, but also to expand their minds and bodies beyond the drama and poetry of the play and into the complex themes the work presents.  One of those themes is debt and it was from this jumping off point that we began our financial literacy exploration.  What we (the teaching team) discovered is that these students have a thirst for this kind of knowledge.  Many of them were about to start their first job and were already thinking about how to finance their post-secondary education.  They had many more questions than answers and this voracious curiosity led to a fascinating week of conversation and discovery about money.  I had the pleasure of facilitating the camp with Jennifer Parr, a theatre director and dramaturge.

“At the end of just one week, the students presented their incredibly successful adapted version of The Merchant of Venice to an enthusiastic and supportive audience.  One of our special guests was a financial expert from the banking industry, Andy Dale, who generously donated his time and knowledge by hosting an informal discussion after the performance.  The students’ questions varied from education debt, to savings accounts, to credit cards, and the students were so engaged in this financial discussion that many continued chatting with our expert long after the formal Q&A was over. 

“These students need this knowledge in order to make smart financial decisions.  They are not getting this information at school and so DAREarts is stepping in to help fill the void.  Using the arts as the instructional tool ensured that the students eagerly drank in the content, as they were engaged in both mind and body.  They came to understand that the leadership qualities they have been developing as DAREarts delegates of Discipline, Action and Responsibility will lead to Excellence in all aspects of their lives, including their financial well-being.”


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DAREarts has opened doors for my child that I could never open.