Jennifer Wilson
named Executive
Director of DAREarts.

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2019 Leadership

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Ignite Change

DAREarts empowers at-risk kids with
the life skills to become leaders.

Jennifer Wilson named Executive Director of DAREarts.

Join us at the 2019 Leadership Awards

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Discipline. Action. Responsibility. Excellence. These are the values we’ve strived to inspire in over 200,000 at-risk children and youth since 1996. In underserved communities across Canada, these amazing young people are engaging in out-of-school workshops in all the arts, building their confidence and courage against all odds. With guidance from artist-educators, their potential is unlocked, empowering them to be leaders and ignite change - in their own lives and in their communities.


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“DAREarts saved me from abuse...I’m one of those 200,000 kids.” - Liz

Why DAREarts?

"When I was nine, my mother died from substance abuse. My father abandoned me when I was seven. He was dead before I was a teenager. I was angry. Timid. Alone. Then I found DAREarts. I realized that life wouldn’t do me any favours, and that I’d have to become my own leader. DAREarts gave me a second chance at life." Liz, 15

Every child deserves a chance.

See for yourself what real change looks like.


Empowering Courage
Confidence & Hope

“ Our schools are in a high needs area of Toronto. The influence of DAREarts programs on positive student behaviour cannot be measured: opportunity to experience, more confidence, greater communications skills, greater pride, and a greater ability to believe in themselves and their futures….”

Aldona Volunge, Elmbank JMS Principal

Are you ready to ignite change in the lives of kids facing tough life challenges?

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