A Day in the Country with Cory Trépanier


The yellowJanet-and-girls school bus from Toronto rolled into the century farm and over forty Young Ladies on the Rise, age 9 – 18 stepped into a bucolic setting in rural Caledon. As they were exclaiming on how beautiful it was, they immediately started swatting mosquitos and slapping bug spray on themselves.  They quickly realized they weren’t in the city anymore.

 Chippy-nutThey were greeted by landscape artist Cory Trépanier, his wife Janet and their two daughters Andie and Sydney with open arms and big smiles before they were taken on a hike through the woods, introduced to the family dog “Yukon” and a chipmunk that posed for pictures for a peanut.

Brook-crossing-with-Janet-and-Sydney Nature-walk-Cory's-house

Into-the-Woods!A day like this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of kids, but these girls rarely get the opportunity to leave the city and enjoy what country kids take for granted. DAREarts Founder Marilyn Field created this event so that these ladies from Rexdale could enjoy open spaces, clean streams and green places as well as the inspiration of great art and music in the open air. 

wild-poseyDuring the hike, one of the girls picked a posy of wildflowers to take back to the city with her.  Another, after crossing a cool stream decided, “I’m going camping.  This is way nicer than the city.”


Cory-lectureIn the Barn Studio, the young ladies, inspired by Cory’s northern paintings and documentary, (especially the one about him choking on clouds of mosquitos in the Arctic) sat down and created a ream of beautiful images for the DAREarts DARE2draw Card Program, which supports DAREarts kids programs in remote First Nation communities.

DARE2draw-Cory's-studioWhen the cards were finished, the girls went outside and sang a spirited rendition of “Summertime” with singer-songwriter Andie Trépanier before boarding the bus for home.  


Marilyn,-Marcia,-Cory,-DA-team-in-barnThank you, Marcia Brown and the Ladies on the Rise for the cards. Chi meegwetch, Cory, Janet, Andie and Sydney for your hospitality and teachings. It was an afternoon that will live on forever in your DARE2draw Cards, which will help offset the hard costs of delivering our programs to kids in remote First Nation communities.

If you’d like to purchase cards, please call us at 1-888-540-2787 or info@darearts.com.


DAREarts=Discipline Action Responsibility Excellence!

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