Ahead of the Curve

By Tarik Muzaffar, Chair, DAREarts Board of Directors.

“Last week, TD launched a new approach to community engagement ….  This Globe & Mail article shares a few thoughts from Bharat Masrani, TD Bank Group’s CEO.

I particularly like these comments from this article:  Despite our enviable standard of living, and the potential for it to improve through many of the changes that Canada is experiencing now, we are witnessing profound amounts of disruption and displacement.Our role, as business leaders, is not just to shine a light on these issues, it is to propose and support solutions, so that we open the doors for an inclusive tomorrow.”

DAREarts and all its great efforts and achievements with young Canadians very much leads the charge to encourage inclusion, which I believe is at the very root of happiness and success for all people in all communities across Canada.   Thanks to Marilyn Field’s and John Pennie’s great vision and determination 22 years ago, DAREarts is doing what many CEO’s in this country are striving for today.   This is yet another reason to be very proud of DAREarts and all its students and grads who are leading the charge for inclusion today for a greater tomorrow.”

DAREarts is a Canadian charity which stands for ‘Discipline, Action, Responsibility and Excellence’.  DAREarts works with young people, ages 9 – 19, in high-priority neighbourhoods and communities, using the arts to empower them with the confidence and courage to be leaders.  In 20 years, DAREarts has influenced over 200,000 children to ignite positive change in their lives and in their communities.  www.darearts.com.

DAREarts thanks its supporters including National Supporter: Northbridge Insurance; Lead Supporters: Anne Livingston, Scotiabank, TD Bank Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario; Education Partner: the TDSB.

Photo courtesy of volunteer photographer Alan Dunlop.