Volunteer Appreciation Week: Spotlight on Bonnie Masina

DAREarts’ Volunteer Coordinator Bonnie Masina learns to fence with the kids on DAREarts Drama Day! Photo by Alan Dunlop.

In this day and age, every charity is thankful for each and every volunteer and every task they complete! But, it is a rarity when a charity can applaud the fact that they have a Volunteer “Volunteer Coordinator”, and DAREarts is one such fortunate charity!

Giving back and developing community isn’t a learned behaviour, it is ingrained in Bonnie Masina’s DNA – she has always been committed to a greater good for others.  A proud mom of 3, excitedly anticipating the arrival of her first grandchild, while also being a primary caregiver for her mother-in-law, Bonnie still finds the time to be a role model for change.

As a proud volunteer for DAREarts, she joined the team about 18 months ago. She has always had a coach approach to how she interacts with kids, as she coached girls’ soccer leagues for a number of years. She has always understood that, “it’s tough for kids to grow up these days.”

When she joined DAREarts, she knew that it’s “all about the kids, giving them the opportunity to believe they have worth and are capable of so much.” As an analyst in the IT sector, she learned that a lot of the time it’s the behaviours you don’t see that are the best indicators of the challenges someone faces.

She has a calm nurturing approach to interacting with the kids, whether at a DAREarts Program Showcase finale, or working with the DAREarts grads as they return as volunteers. You can see and feel the respect that she gives the kids, and they in turn give it back to her.  Accountability and respect raise the conversations to a level of equality that reinforces the expectations for all.

Weekly Bonnie works in the DAREarts office to track the contributions of all the volunteers that support the breadth of programs we offer. On the best of days, she is able to join a program day or a showcase, where we all get to see the impact of the DARE values: Discipline, Action, Responsibility and Excellence.

And what does Bonnie get back from this work? “It’s a meaningful, impactful opportunity for kids, giving them a place to belong, for them to be a part of something bigger. I get to see our graduates come back and give back to the next generation of kids – and that is amazing! My hope for DAREarts’ future is that one day, our staff are all DAREarts grads, our Board is filled with DAREarts grads, finding their way as our future leaders. That vision, the impact and the kids fulfills me.”

We at DAREarts are truly grateful to have such a wonderful mentor and role model, for our kids, for our volunteers, and for our community. Thank you!

DAREarts is a children’s charity that uses the arts to empower at-risk young people to become leaders. Our lead supporters are Northbridge Insurance, Scotiabank, TD Bank Groupand the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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