DAREarts Grad Holly at the OCAD Summer Intensive Program

Recently, we were invited to send a handful of DAREarts grads to OCAD’s Summer Intensive program. The program offers students a week-long taste of what being an OCAD student is really like. Our very talented young graduate, Holly, shares her reflections below:
OCAD was so much fun, I learned a bunch of new things and met a lot of new friends in older grades! On the first day Liz arrived there at the camp and thought there was a mix up because we seemed to be the youngest ones there. But the teachers assured us we were in the right place. We were all given a plain black 300 page hardcover sketch book, which I added some to throughout the week.

After we received our sketch books we sat down into a room where they explained to us what we would be doing and introduced us to the teachers. Later that morning we were dismissed for lunch which was from 12 – 1 every day. After lunch the teacher broke us into small groups to do some animation. My group was Oliver, Alby and I. Unfortunately Oliver had to leave early that day for a doctor’s appointment so Alby and I had to finish it off.

The second day there Liz and I arrived 45 minutes early so this gave us an opportunity to try out our new sketch books. On the second day we learned about how art and science are very much similar. So we looked at cactuses and Carl taught us that everything is inspired by the environment. After that we had time to brainstorm and got to invent something that uses one of the cactuses features. I created cactus boots for hiking that used the spikes on it to dig into the ground so then you didn’t fall down.

Everyday right after lunch we had a special guest come in that went to OCAD and shared what art means to them and what they do in life as an artist. One of the special guests was the man who designed the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, Toronto Marlies logo, and the TFC logo.

On the third day we went with one of the teachers, Nicole, to learn about wax painting. It’s harder than it looks. Working with hot bees wax is very smelly and time consuming. Nicole taught us that if we put different layers of different coloured wax and stood it upright and put a hair dryer at the top, we would get almost like the painting is melting. I did four different wax paintings. If I could pick a favourite it would be the blue one with the cars, women and all the different colours in it. That one took me the longest to make.

Oh, I forgot to mention at the beginning of the week we had a project to do that needed to be completed by the end of the week. Basically, we had to pick two words out of the hat and do something with them. That was it, no rules, just had to use the two words we drew from the hat. My luck, I got two words that are basically the same (drop & fell). So I decided to make an animation video. I was really nervous because it was my first time doing animation and with everyone else in grade 11 and 12 the bar was set to very high standards.

Anyways back to my week, on the last day we learned how to make our own art supplies with everyday objects and we got to use them to paint with afterwards. Then we were given a piece of paper and we were to not look at the page but to only look on the screen and watch a video on ink getting dropped into a glass of water. We had to use our paint brushed we made to paint the movement of the ink sinking to the bottom of the water. Mine was basically all scribbles but it was fun.

After lunch (which they provided) we had another special guest, then we watched everyone’s animation we made on the first day. After that the teachers broke us up into small groups to show our projects. I was very scared because Liz and I weren’t in the same group. But after I showed them the video they all loved it and ever the teachers said they couldn’t believe a grade 9 student made this. In quotes of one of the professors he said it was “kick a**.” I took over 300 photos for this video and it only ended up to be 36 seconds long!

Thanks Again for giving me this opportunity!

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