National Storybook

small brush stroke
I used to be shy, but here I am. Look at me now!
DAREarts Toronto
I am proud.
DAREarts Indigenous First Roots
I had trouble finding my voice in a large class surrounded by outspoken females and enthusiastic male athletes.
DAREarts Vancouver
With support, I overcame the challenges of meeting new people, trying new art forms and visiting new places to grow into a more courageous leader, artist and person.
DAREarts Toronto
My teachers and guardians are now seeking art therapy for me, after witnessing the power of art in healing my emotional issues.
DAREarts Halifax
I showed my principal what I was learning at DAREarts and now I have all the right qualifications!
DAREarts Atlantic
I really didn’t think that I was able to be self-disciplined. I surprised myself… and my mom!
DAREarts Toronto
I know now that I am Excellent.
DAREarts Toronto
I found a way to express myself and had the chance to feel valued and powerful.
DAREarts Toronto
Through DAREarts, I have discovered that I am a leader.
DAREarts Toronto
Because of DAREarts I am more of a leader and more confident in myself. Learning how to be a leader was great because I finally got pushed to my limit. The most interesting part of it for me was the support coming from the DAREarts teachers. In one word, DAREarts is outstanding!
DAREarts Vancouver
At DAREarts, I found courage, hope and a place to belong.
DAREarts Toronto
At DAREarts, I found the strength to share my sense of humour and a community of other kids that accept me with open arms.
DAREarts Toronto
The skill that I think I will use most in the future is interacting with other people. Because of DAREarts I’m not that silent around strangers anymore. I learned that by being a leader I can help a lot of people. Everything at DAREarts is very interesting, especially making new friends.
DAREarts Vancouver
DAREarts has shown me that the potential to be a leader resides in everyone.
DAREarts Toronto
At DAREarts, I was a great participator but a speech impediment made me hesitant to speak.
DAREarts Toronto
Through inner discipline and self-regulation I found a means to be able to learn and experience what previously was a daily struggle.
DAREarts Toronto
What I like best about DAREarts overall was when we would go over the DARE values: Discipline, Action, Responsibility, Excellence!
DAREarts Toronto
With DAREarts, I shone on stage and voluntarily took on leadership roles that celebrated my voice.
DAREarts Vancouver
I continue to show leadership through my actions and allowing my peers to step up to the plate.
DAREarts Toronto
We learned the difference between being a loud leader and a leader that leads by example. We learned how to be both. DAREarts shows you all the steps to being a leader and they help you through them. It was an amazing adventure.
Britannia School Gr. 7 Class
DAREarts Vancouver
I was uncertain about speaking out loud at first.
DAREarts Toronto


Being a leader made me feel like a king!
DAREarts Toronto
Because of DAREarts I am different. I am more focused on my work and I am disciplined. My heart feels full.
DAREarts Vancouver
I learned that friends should value who you are.
DAREarts Toronto
In five days, the children sketched and painted; created their own puppets; brainstormed a collaborative story, “The Nothing Man;” composed and recorded their own song, “MelKiknoti, Courage;” and proudly showcased their creative works for their community.
DAREarts Atlantic
At DAREarts I could make new friends and this is like my dream vacation.
DAREarts Toronto
We are able to tell our own stories.
DAREarts Indigenous First Roots
I felt a sense of belonging at DAREarts.
DAREarts Montreal
DAREarts has made me step out of my comfort zone and be a confident person. I like that I’m not afraid to be myself and am able to open up to new experiences.
DAREarts Vancouver
I stepped out of my shell with my head held high, guitar in hand.
DAREarts Indigenous First Roots
DAREarts makes me want to be a better leader.
DAREarts Toronto
I learned how to be more of a leader by helping, taking charge, going where I’m needed etc. I got to draw and I like to draw; and I also got to work with people I’ve never worked with before.
DAREarts Vancouver
Oh boy, I can’t even imagine never being in DAREarts.
DAREarts Toronto
The values of DARE were held up as a map to make his “superstar comeback,” after which he rose to every occasion. Taran spoke on behalf all 50 students about DAREarts being “an awesome mother.
DAREarts Vancouver
If you fall down you can always get back up stronger.
DAREarts Indigenous First Roots
They had to learn patience, concentration and respect for each other
DAREarts Indigenous First Roots