October 12th – DAREarts and The Admirable Crichton!

Photo courtesy Jamie Robinson
Lombard Canada has once again very generously sponsored a darearts trip to the Shaw Festival! On Wednesday, October 12th, nearly thirty darearts teens from Toronto and Etobicoke spent a day at the Shaw Festival Theatre with artists-as-teachers Jamie Robinson and Lisa Cox. Upon arrival, Shaw’s extremely knowledgeable education manager Suzanne Merriam led the youth through an interactive workshop, and then the youth were treated to a meet-and-greet with actors Cherissa Richards and Nicole Underhay. After reviewing theatre etiquette, the youth filed into the beautiful Shaw Festival Theatre to see “The Admirable Crichton”. The students’ comments speak for themselves:

“I found it amazing and hard to believe that the musical and dance aspect, the narration and animals were all not a part of the original satire. The amazing acting, the beautiful set and the fun dance and music all flowed together as if it was always meant to be.”

“The play was very humorous in the way that the roles of the servant and master were completely switched around. CAPTIVATING.”

“I really enjoyed this experience; both the workshop and the play. Especially the play. The tour was very informative and interesting. The play was amazing. I have a great love for J.M. Barrie; this play is no exception. I will try to attend more plays both by Shaw and not. The tour was put together in such an amusing way. I especially enjoyed the costumes, masks, and set.”

“I enjoyed the play the most. The actors, great, the play as a whole, amazing! It inspired and moved me. It was really entertaining. The play was… INSIGHTFUL, a GROUP effort, ENTERTAINING, Creative, IMAGINATIVE, FUN, DIFFERENT, BEAUTIFUL, …It made me want to Dance!”

The Admirable Crichton was a play that challenged the audience to reform our perspective on the status quo of the early 1900s. For me it helped re-define the inequalities of today’s society. Overall the play used a cocktail of well-written satire and pointed humour to portray an image of social values of its time.”

“It was really exciting going backstage to the costume department to see how the clothing was made. I found it to be very inspiring and very informative as an aspiring actress and costumer. The tour through the design department was also really cool.”

“I thought Shaw was fun because it’s my first time, my favourite part was the tour and meeting the actors/actresses.”

“I think that the performers at the play were awesome dancers and fantastic actors. I especially like the six dancing and singing animals.”

“I enjoyed everything we did today from the tour to the amazing show we saw this afternoon. The town was cool and I wish we could do it again.”

“I especially enjoyed seeing the ‘Wardrobe Sketch’ rooms, giving you the ability to look beyond the play’s show and how much work is really done for your entertainment.”

“The show was very funny, we had good seats and I had a good time.”

“The cast and the rest of the crew put together a wonderful piece of art.”

“I enjoyed the tour especially since the workshop was something we hadn’t done before.”

“It was phenomenal how they brought three elements of performance together.”

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