Peace Theatre Day 2011

On Wednesday, August 17th, DAREarts partnered with DEUM, an up-and-coming Toronto not-for-profit, to bring over a dozen Toronto children together for a day of exciting drama workshops. With a central focus on defining “peace,” the children were challenged to think critically about world issues and to develop creative problem solving techniques for dealing with situations that may threaten peace. In the morning at The Great Hall, the children defined peace through many different senses, including through questions of “what does peace smell or taste like?”, and “what does peace feel like?” alongside the more traditional question of “what is peace?” By being challenged to think of peace in nonconventional ways, the kids brainstormed many creative concepts that are applicable to how peace is portrayed in the media and in the social psyche.

After lunch, the kids ventured over to the Trinity Bellwoods Park to work both in front of and behind the lens of a camera to create their own promotional piece for the upcoming Children’s March for Peace.

“Peace isn’t just one colour, it’s not just one thing it’s everyone coming together listening and taking everything in to account, like all the colours in the rainbow coming together making a beautifully Harmonised picture” – Djordje L.

Inspirational Story:

In the morning, the children formed three groups, each representing their own fictional “town”. Each town was given a problem scenario to deal with, where the children had to brainstorm ways for the town to work together in order to come up with a solution that was fair for all of the townspeople in their various roles. After brainstorming solutions to their own town’s situation, the three “towns” met with each other to discuss their problems. On their own, the kids noticed how much their problems and solutions overlapped, leading to them finding new ways to not only resolve their own problems, but to create resolutions that benefitted the other “towns” as well!

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